• How It Came To Be...

  • Cousins, Detra Dixon and Tracy Carrington of Dallas, Texas were having a conversation of sudden life's occurrences.

  • The sudden & unexpected death of a fellow classmate was brought up, after a long silence the ONLY words spoken were...

  • “Wow... Amen”

  • “Wow... Amen” is our acceptance of God's will.

My Wowism... I had been suffering with fibroid tumors for years, the past two years had been the worst. The pain and suffering was unbearable. I couldn't keep a job because of my attendance. I couldn't socialize because the pain was debilitating. Fibroids took over my life. They were sucking the life out of me; literally. I finally decided to have a hysterectomy after seeing so many doctors. I was so afraid of complications, so I prayed up and took a leap of faith and did it. Wow! Amen...it was the best decision I could have ever made. My surgery went well with no complications and my recovery is going well. I didn't know my own strength. God is awesome... he is bigger than all my problems and worries. Wow Amen!

Nita Jackson